This is the story of one summer in Alabama, weaving together different perspectives from distinctly unique characters. In each situation, the individuals are trying to navigate through their circumstances to find hope and happiness.

Chad Gibbons and his best friend, Gary Lee Dillanger, have worked their way through the ranks of competitive go-karting with the legendary Kilgore racing family in Blue Springs, Alabama. The boys have high hopes of professional auto racing careers after graduating from high school, when tragedy strikes, and Chad is left to find his own way.

Elle Dillanger struggles with criminal charges against her son, Gary Lee, and the truth about his tragic accident is revealed as the story unfolds. Elle’s husband, Drew, tries to keep everything together, but can he withstand the events of the summer?

The Kilgore racing family is seen through the eyes of Monroe and Uma Kilgore, who preside over three generations of racers. They experience their world much differently from each other, and Uma’s conscience haunts her. She bears the weight of many years of racing tragedies and has learned to cope in her own unique ways. Monroe hosts motorsport luxury events, which provide a window into the world of automotive extravagance and wealthy risk-takers.

The Kilgore “White Party” is the turning point for the summer, and Chad suddenly finds new opportunities for his life and future when he meets Jessica. Tragedy, love, and unintended consequences change everything in this story of loss and new beginnings.

Sample Chapters

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